About ADAN

Our design process is both holistic and collaborative, and we place an emphasis on eco-friendly design concepts.Your interior design will start with a conversation about your desired timeline and budget and we will branch out from there. After taking photographs and printing to-scale plans, we will begin discussing your likes and dislikes so we get a better idea of your own style. ADAN travel all over the world, forming relationship with artisans, vendors and suppliers. This means your finished product will reflect a unique and relevant design, filled with individualized art, furnishings and accents. Our clients are always 100% satisfied with our work because we ensure their finished interiors are an expression of their own ideas of "Home".

We started out specializing in corporate offices, office planning and leisure projects and have extensive experience and knowledge to successfully satisfy our client's needs. We immerse ourselves in our client's business, to completely understand how it works. For example, we learn the office and work on the best office layout to incorporate future changes in the design and to establish how they would like to be seen by the outside world. Once the functional and practical aspects have been ascertained, we embark on the creative aspects. We believe no two projects are the same and will always have its own identity.